Why You Wanna Keep Basketball Fun

Talking About Making It Fun…

There’s some details that we don’t even know about, that he’s been through some stuff and coming out strong.

The Back Story

I was an international basketball player. Played 14 years, I’m sorry, 13 years overseas. Got a couple awards, played for the Panama National team as well. We were in close to playing the Olympics. I don’t know if we’re going down that path today or not, but…

That might be along the lines of all those details-

The Transition and Making The Game Fun

But now transitioned, I’m an entrepreneur. But for this, I did a lot of camps and training. Learned a lot, not just as a professional basketball player, but also learned just the growth. And now we have an organization, Syndicate Sports Academy, where we teach basketball training.

We help players, obviously we bring you guys in for working performance. But we just want to teach them to not only raise their IQ, but have basketball be fun because I see a lot of times when people are hooping, they get burned out.

I see parents put all their pressure on their kids because of the fact that they’re trying to live their dreams through their kids.

I see he smiled. So y’all know how that is. But we want to make it fun because once that fun is stripped away, then they don’t want to play anymore.

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