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Streamline, Market and Automate your business to Reduce revenue loss by systematizing how you Transition your prospects into customers or clients.
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Efficient, Engaging and Creative Technology


Grow your team. Close more deals and speed up growth with our sales tracking solutions. 



Expand your reach, gain more awareness and measure and monitor key metrics. 


Project Management

Approve assets, give feedback, and make collaboration across departments easier than ever.


We solve

The Challenge of Having
Too Much Business Software

We provide customize core technology that aligns with key business objectives helping you increase productivity with essential automations that scale while eliminating scattered technology solutions so you can optimize performance in one place.

Avoid digital wandering, and reduce the impact it has on your ability to focus and do your best work.

Grow Your Business Intelligently

Our end-to-end solution allow you to manage your sales and customers, plan your team’s time and projects, and keep track of your business results.


What Our Users Know

Yes, we make it easy to add and remove licenses based on your company needs. Simply contact support with your request and we will update your account accordingly. Please note, to allow for proper billing and account configuration adjustments a 30 day notice is required for all license REMOVALS.

Yes and no. Depending on what you are solving for there may be a need to included a sub-license to maximize the functionality of your primary licenses. Example: CRM license (primary) can be maximized by including a Form Builder license (sub) to easily capture leads within the system.

Yes, our Managed Services plans start at $397 per month + the cost of licenses. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Absolutely! Simply email your Account Manager your request and we will cancel your account hassle free.

Featured Services

One Technology, a Thousand Possibilities

Our no-code solution erases software gaps by making it possible for you to get customize software without depending on developers (in-house or otherwise) to build and maintain the apps for you. 

Advance CRM

Collect, organize and manage customer information

SMS Campaigns

Make greater lead connections and keep your loyal customers

Booking System

Allow customers to book appointments conveniently

Content Strategy

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Media Management

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Highly Customizable

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Network Protection

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Customer Support

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Email Campaign

Reach your target audience via email in a personalized way

Social Media Automation

Reduce the hassle of manually posting daily to social media

Buisness Phone

Gain credibility and protect your privacy with a dedicated number


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"Scyene has everything anyone needs to make sales and marketing happen. The follow up sequence is easy to setup and makes my life easier."

Dana Flores Finance Professional

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    Gain access to the unified software solution designed to help you run your business more efficiently with unlimited scale potential.

    Helping entrepreneurs transform how they manage their business. 


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